Military Conflict: Vietnam

(also knows as MCV) is a class-based infantry multiplayer first-person shooter set in the final days of the Vietnam War.

Players can side with either the Viet Cong or the U.S. Army in an intensive face to face combat in urban, suburban and rural settings of Vietnam.

The game features an objective based gameplay and rewards teamwork. Receive Vietnam era U.S. Army ribbons and get promoted to higher U.S. Army ranks through your role on the field of battle.

Capture the Flag

Capture the flag of the enemy team and bring it to your own base. Players can only score if they retrieve their own team flag back to their home base. 


Plant a detonation device on an enemy position, destroy all enemy positions to win. Players can defuse enemy explosives planted by the enemy to protect the position.


Capture all control points and defeat remaining enemies. Players can only respawn if a flag is captured. A game is automatically won after 1 minute if the remaining players of the opposing team fail to capture a control point. 


Capture all control points to decrease the enemy teams tickets. Owning more control points than the opposing team will decrease their tickets even faster. 


Capturing and holding control points will give score to your team. Owning a control point will give score every 3 seconds. The team that reaches the score limit will win the game.

Gun Game

Eliminate enemy team players through a series of weapons. Players start with a gun and with each two frags upgrade to a different gun. Killing other players by knife degrades them to the previous weapon.


Eliminate as many enemy players to reach the frag limit or until there is no time left. Players have an unlimited number of respawns. Players respawn at pre-set random locations around the map. 


Eliminate as many enemy team players to reach the frag limit or until there is no time left. Teams have an unlimited number of respawns. Players respawn in their team base.

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