25th of January 2024

Please note this information is subject to change.

Steam Achievements

There are more than 150 achievements connected to the Vietnam War, some are easy, and some are challenging to accomplish.

Reworked Player Models

New characters received a complete makeover with detailed faces and equipment. Customize everything from facial hair to unit badges and gloves. Use it across all classes, even in deathmatch-style game modes where equipment adapts based on your choices.

Reworked Class System

Two new classes will be introduced to the game bringing the new total to eight. The Pointman and the Grenadier.

Advanced Statistics

We already introduced personal statistics and will also offer weapon statistics. You will also be able to track your progress for achievements, ribbons, and ranks.

Ingame Economy

Ribbons earned will convert into ingame credits, with harder to achieve ribbons holding more value. The majority of cosmetics, some special weapons and very unique weapon skins will be locked behind this in-game economy, meaning you'll need to use your credits to obtain them.

The new maximum rank will be at 27, players will have the option to reset their rank to earn a ribbon.

Hardcore Mode

The game will get even more challenging. Some HUD elements will be turned off, and the damage you take will be more severe.


Challenge your friends in player battles or face off against enemies in standard game modes. Plus, get ready for an upcoming co-op campaign!


Collect Zippos from the Vietnam War, available in bronze, silver, and gold with unique engravings. Steal your enemies zippos with a special stabbing animation (as seen in Battlefield).

Additional Factions

Introducing four new playable factions.

Each faction will offer a player model with new voice lines, allowing players to choose any class. Additionally, players can customize team flags and names.

Additional Game Modes

Maps in Development

We've got new maps, including the 'USNC Card' aircraft carrier coming soon, and we're revamping our older maps too.

Additional Weapons

It might be easier to say that we will try to implement all of the weapons of the Vietnam War eventually. Help us if we forgot any. Please note that some weapons will be only available for Kill Streaks or in Coop gameplay.

Free DLC

Rhodesian Bush War

This DLC with come with additional weapons and maps from the war in Southern Africa!