Frequently Asked Questions

How to play Military Conflict: Vietnam?

The game is not yet available for the public. A few selected testers have been granted access to the Pre-Alpha.

Where to buy Military Conflict: Vietnam?

The game is available on Steam - Military Conflict: Vietnam

What will be the price of Military Conflict: Vietnam?

The game costs 20 USD. There are no further in-game or hidden costs, it is a one time buy! The price is subject to change and can vary depending on where you are from.

Will Military Conflict: Vietnam receive any future DLCs?

Weekly updates, all future content and DLCs will be free of charge. There are no Microtransactions.

Does the game have a workshop?

Yes, there is easy-to-use ingame support for the Steam Workshop

Can I create my own content for Military Conflict: Vietnam?

Yes, the game ships with Hammer++, a easy-to-use map creation tool.