Make War Not Love

Military Conflict: Vietnam brings an intense, fast-paced and fun first-person shooter experience. Set in the heat of the Vietnam War, side with Viet Cong guerrillas or U.S. Army soldiers in fierce close quarters combat.

Familiar controls and fluid movement allow you to jump right in.

Multiplayer the Classic Way

Fight as one of six distinct classes and obliterate your enemies using an arsenal of over 100 weapons. Compete against your friends in classic and new game modes, visiting iconic battlefields of the Vietnam War. (All game modes are available offline with bots.)

Wipe out enemies with a friend in the Coop game modes.

Customize and Progress

Stand out with historically accurate skins and cosmetics. Earn ribbons and get promoted to the next rank.

Always Something New

Weekly and monthly updates with new gear, game modes and maps. All future content is free of charge. No in-game purchases or microtransactions.

Simple Workshop Support

Expand your gameplay experience with easy-to-use developer tools and share your creations on the Steam Workshop.

Old School Server Browser

Play on the server of your choice or host one with your own rules.

For more information visit our official Military Conflict: Vietnam Discord Server.