We are currently working on improving all the aspects of Military Conflict: Vietnam. Certain features are nearly ready and will be fed into the game.

- Most Valuable Players
- Player Progression
- Steam Achievements
- Hardcore Mode
- Full Server Customization
- Improved A.I.

Game Modes

- Demolition
- Last Man Standing
- Zombie (Co-Op)(Singleplayer)
- Survival (Co-Op)(Singleplayer)
- Push
- Prisoner of War
- Campaign (Co-Op)(Singleplayer)


Weapons for the Viet Cong:

- P38 pistol
- APS machine pistol
- PPS-43 sub-machine gun
- Type 64 sub-machine gun
- PM-63 machine pistol
- vz. 23 sub-machine gun
- vz. 58 assault rifle
- MAS-49 carbine
- MAS-49 sniper rifle
- Bren light machine gun
- Mortar Barrage

Weapons for the U.S. Army:

- Hi-Power pistol
- Carl Gustaf M/45 sub-machine gun
- Madsen M/50 sub-machine gun
- M12 Beretta sub-machine gun 
- M50 Reising sub-machine gun
- M60 Reising carbine
- F1 submachine gun
- T223 assault rifle
- L1A1 assault rifle
- L2A1 light-machine gun
- Phosphorus Airstrike

Weapons for Co-Op game modes:

- Montagnard crossbow
- China Lake grenade launcher
- M202 Flash rocket launcher
- M34 White Phosphorus Grenade


- 3rd Field Hospital
- Battle of An Loc
- Mekong River Delta
- Cao Lanh Ricefields
- Cu Chi Tunnels
- Unknown Firebase
- Vong Canh Bunkers
- Notre-Dam Saigon (Zombie)
- Truong Tien Bridge (Zombie)
- Quan Thanh Temple (Zombie)


Various wearable items for both the Viet Cong and the U.S. Army.


- Rhodesian Bush War

This list will continue to expand the further we are in development; community feedback and reception is very important to us.