Change Log
16th of December 2022


- Removed player limit on Assault class
- Fixed maps that don't support certain gamemodes appearing in the end of match voting screen
- Fixed being able to join servers with full player slots
- Fixed server crash when player slots were full
- Fixed doors going sentient when set on fire


- Fixed some vote options could not be activated 75% of people needs to vote to succeed instead of 100%
- Fixed bug when wrong map was selected in end of match screen when someone voted for
 Random, but did not win the vote - Fixed issue in conquest when tickets could drain shortly after warmup end


- Fixed incorrect playercount sorting in server browser
- Possibly fixed issue when opening scoreboard crashes the game
- Disabled texture streaming by default until the crashes on certain GPUs are resolved
- Fixed map-placed ammoboxes/healthboxes showing a marker on the HUD
- Fixed Quit button on end of match screen quitting the game instead of disconnecting


- Adjusted chat size to prevent cutting off letters
- Also adjusted voice icon position