Change Log
17th of December 2022


- Added linux version
- Gunner and Medic classes are now unrestricted
- Auto-balancing now happens every minute after someone join or left the team
- Changed default vote percentage to 60
- Fixed missing language strings in vote menu
- Added ability to change map to vote menu


- Fixed issues when people who installed workshop addons with VPKs in them could not join any server
- Workshop menu fixes - item will be autodeleted if uploading gets stuck at some point
- Fixed community made maps were not visible in play menu
- Fixed fullscreen-related options were remained inactive in fullscreen mode


- Removed left over icon from vote menu and scoreboard
- Added fps limiter to video settings menu (vietnam_english.txt was updated)
- Made sure that bot voting always enabled
- Adjusted hud score counters to prevent clipping inside flag icons


- Fixed U.S. Embassy players could jump down
- Fixed Siege of Hue players could stack and leave map
- Fixed USMC Camp displacement seam