Change Log
21st of December 2022


- Fixed teammate damage in elevators on Embassy
- Fixed wrong voicelines being used for Chicom grenade/smoke
- Fixed M2 Carbine missing in DM gungame
- Fixed typo in sv_voice_proximity_enemy ConVar name
- Disabled ability to runboost
- Disabled bayonet charge attack temporarily
- Removed long bayonets from Gun Game
- Weapon recoil parameters on client are now received from the server, rather than taken from weapon scripts directly


- Added sprint toggle option to settings
- Sprint toggle will untoggle if forward button (W) is released
- Limited viewmodel_fov between 30 and 120
- Fixed Civilian camo arms not being colored in viewmodel
- Fixed wrong flashlight position in thirdperson
- Fixed missing models for breakable gibs
- Fixed wrong slot bindings in settings and added binding for Misc items (slot 7)
- Fixed loadout menu not appearing if team was switched mid-round
- Fixed 'OK' not being localized for some popups
- Re-enabled texture streaming by default, now that crashes should be fixed
- Removed unused XP text/commendations from player info on scoreboard
- Reverted medic/ammo kits disappearing from loadout when empty
- Fixed HUD action progress was popping up for a split second after joining map
- Fixed burning effect when dying from grenade
- Fixed Commander and Radio voice lines showing up in chat box


- Fixed server crash in deathmatch if map doesnt have info_deathmatch_spawn points
- Friendly team members do not explode mine in team gamemodes
- Fixed friendly players could be pushed to death in embassy elevator


- Texture streaming should not crash the game now
- Fixed index/vertex buffer sizes were inconsistent between linux and windows


- Fixed add server by IP text entry was not visible in server browser
- Scoreboard, player is now able to open players steam profile
- Voting box is now displayed next right to minimap to fix overlapping issues


- Added Carl Gustav M/45 Sub-machine gun
- Added PPS-43 Sub-machine gun
- Fixed M1905 and Type 30 Bayonets were mountable on picked up weapons


Siege of Hue
- Increased size of spawn areas to prevent spawn killing
- Added more deathmatch spawns
- Fixed map exploits

Port of Qui Nhon
- Fixed map exploits

Training Camp
- Added new weapons
- Fixed some weapons had wrong axis
- Fixed missing weapon Fusil Robust (Double barrel shotgun)