Change Log
25th of December 2022


- Added new sway system for weapons
- Fixed loosing all experience warning appeared when player is in intermission
- Gas mask is no longer auto switched to after throwing grenades/running out of ammo
- Infinite reserve ammo is now enabled in Gun Game. Reloading is still necessary
- Removed Kar98k from Gun Game rotation, and added scoped variant of CAR15 and StG-44 into rotation
- Fixed rocket launchers not being removed in Gun Game after advancing weapons
- Fixed health regenerating while burning


- If voters are less than 5 then everyone have to vote in order it to pass
- Restrictions are reverted at the beginning of next match


- Fixed selecting different team multiple times in loadout selection didnt update player model
- Rank data is now sent to Steam Leaderboards
- Server browser can now show bots separately
- Deathmatch is not ticked now by default in workshop menu if map doesnt have deathmatch spawns
- Fixed player count in server browser was incorrect if there were bots on server
- Added experimental 64-bit Windows client/server/tools
- Changed default voice codec from Celt to Speex (for 64-bit support)
- Infinity symbol is now displayed instead of ammo counter when infinite ammo is enabled
- Fixed certain hats floating in mid air when player died
- Fixed missing localization for getting kicked from session


- Fixed js error in server browser after pressing refresh multiple times
- Fixed sometimes classes without free slots were not greyed out in loadout selection
- Fixed server count was resetting to 0 after switching tabs


- Corrected ERDL Highland camo
- Added ERDL Lowland camo
- Corrected Tiger Stripe camo


- Corrected AK-47, Type 56-1 and TUL-1 models
- Reduced shake scale on all equipment by 30-50%
- HDM pistol now has 10 bullets in magazine and deals less damage
- PPS-43 fixed wrong world model position, updated world model texture and sounds
- Carl Gustav M/45 updated world models texture and sounds
- M870 increased spread slightly and decreased damage slightly
- Fusil Robust increased spread slightly and decreased damage slightly


Siege of Hue
- Adjusted minimap to latest changes
- Please note: Navmesh was not latest changes

NLF Camp
- Increased spawn area to avoid spawn killing
- Added extra cars near to spawns for additional cover
- Adjusted minimap to latest changes
- Please note: Navmesh was not latest changes


- Hammer++: Fixed vertex editing displacements reverting them to power of 4
- Hammer++: Fixed crash if box selecting and pressing escape in vertex edit