Change Log
30th of December 2022


- Fixed Commander localization not being shown correctly on certain languages
- Fixed voice chat not working on 64-bit
- Possibly fixed VPK corruption error
- Fixed wrong server displayed in server browser server info panel
- Fixed js error in server browser when closing server info panel using ESC key
- Playmenu now attempts to find server with people and not too high ping


- HDM pistol now has 10 bullets
- Carl Gustav M/45 slightly nerfed


- Recompiled all maps to fix black APC caused by model update

Siege of Hue
- Added support for Conquest game mode

NLF Outpost
- Fixed Navmesh (bots stuck in house)

Battle of Saigon
- Fixed map exploits
- Updated map visually


- Added 32-bit/64-bit suffix to the window title